Columbus, Ohio. Oct. 5, 2013 - 7pm - Centennial Park
Get ready for the biggest game of tag the city has seen.

Gather your friends or run solo

Journey to the End of the Night is a giant game of tag where player's race to 5 secret checkpoints, while evading those already turned into robots. Anyone can play and it is completely free! Your actions and decisions will help determine if humanity succeeds or is subsumed by robots!

Sign up! Form teams or play solo! For this is the most fun you'll have all summer. You and hundreds of your new best friends will meet at Centennial Park. There you'll receive two ribbons and a map.

...A chance for escape

The Blue ribbon goes on your arm. The Red one goes in your pocket. The map will lead you to five secret locations. You must make it to the five locations in order, by foot or public transit, before midnight and without getting tagged. If you get tagged, you hand over your blue ribbon and put on your red ribbon. Now you're a chaser and it's your job to catch as many runners as possible. Checkpoints and public transit are safe zones. That is Journey to the End of the Night. To that basic game structure we've added a City spanning narrative.

Robots rule the earth...

This is Journey to the End of the Night Robot Apocalypse. Read on brave runners. Resist, Columbus! Resist the tyranny of the Robot Apocalypse.

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